Criminal Litigation - CHAN, LAU & WAI


Our firm provides a comprehensive range of services in the sphere of criminal law, from the initial stages of arrest all the way to handling appeals in the Court of Final Appeal. Our criminal litigation team is well coped to advise on the law and formulate effective strategies to obtain the best possible outcome for clients.

We act on behalf of clients in the overall conduct of criminal cases, using our expertise and experience to identify all important and relevant issues needed for the proper and thorough preparation of criminal cases. In addition, and just as important, is our experience criminal advocacy work on behalf of clients.

The experience which we have amassed in acting as advocates in criminal cases, both for defendants as well as for the prosecution, give us a unique insight into the difficulties in any criminal litigation and makes us well equipped to deal with and consider issues from the view of both sides. Our services include:-

  • Advising clients and attending with them at police stations, the offices of the ICAC or CCB and other law enforcement with agencies
  • Attending identification parades with clients
  • Generally advising on various aspects of the criminal law process
  • Advising upon and collecting together relevant evidence/material
  • Advising and attending court on behalf of clients to apply for bail
  • Appearing as advocate to conduct mitigation on behalf of clients
  • Advising upon and acting as advocate in the conduct of trials on behalf of clients
  • Advising and preparing for the conduct of appeals at all levels of courts