Conveyancing - CHAN, LAU & WAI


Our Property Department is staffed by lawyers with over 30 years experiences in conveyancing and tenancy matters. We provide a comprehensive range of services in relation to real property. These include:-
  • The sale and purchase of all types of real property, including residential, commercial, industrial and village type house development
  • Preparing mortgage and/or other financial arrangements relating to real property on behalf of banking institutions/leaders;
  • Preparing deeds of mutual covenant and/or management agreements for individual buildings
  • Applying to the Government for consent to sell uncompleted units in residential developments
  • Acquiring parcels of land on behalf of developers for redevelopment purposes;
  • Preparing and approving tenancy agreements and advising on all tenancy related matters;
  • Preparing and approving license agreements; and
  • Preparing all types of land title documents.